The effectiveness of a website design depends heavily upon the application of attractive content. Words and colorful graphics are a fundamental necessity, but video is a powerful marketing tool too. It animates a website with a sense of life and action. Google does not read a video and rank you differently, but people tend to stay longer to watch a video than to read a lot of words.

When you script and produce and launch a video, it opens up new opportunities for your marketing. You can post the video on YouTube and expect a lot of traffic you can redirect to your website. If your video is particularly good, you can post it on Vimeo for the same effect. You can place it on your home page to capture the attention of visitors and encourage them to investigate your service more thoroughly.

No one can predict the marketing edge you will get from this, but in most cases, it is a significant boost. People are getting fond of information delivered through video. It is easier and more entertaining. You will draw additional traffic from YouTube to your website. You will impress your customers with more stimulating advertising.

Video Marketing Statistics

  1. Video increases the chance of a first-page Google result by 53x (Forrester)
  2. Video in search results have a 41% higher CTR than text (ReelSEO)
  3. Video in email marketing has shown to increase CTRs by 96% (Implix)
  4. Visitors who watch a product video are 85% more likely to buy.

As your Website Designer, I would encourage you to produce videos, post them on your YouTube channel, and let me include them embedded into your website.

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