Your Logo is a symbol of your relationship with your customer, expressed in a geometric metaphor. Make it simple, memorable, stylish, versatile, and abstractly symbolic of your business.

A talented logo designer will imagine ways to tickle customers’ interests in subtle ways, and sometimes, with a gentle sense of humor, which can be very effective in marketing. Your logo should look stylish and compatible wherever it appears.

A truly inspired logo design requires an understanding of the business plan. You can update your logo any time you want, but every time you do, you start over teaching customers to recognize it. Ideally, you stick with your logo for many years. It is important that a logo looks just as crisp and visible at 1/4 inch high or 3 feet tall.

Color is important. Yellow logos are barely visible on a white background. You might want to use gold instead. Electric Pink has a different company message than Sandy Brown. Match your color to your company culture, but make sure the logo works in gray scale too. You might want two colors. Do they both look good on a dark or light background. Each color you add will increase your complexities. But sometimes, one color isn’t enough.

Very often, the client brings some ground rules that might seem to stifle the design. The designer should be able to overcome that and still make a versatile design. Very few “tall” logos work out well. Square, circular, or horizontal logos are much more versatile.

Logo design is a geometric invention. It takes a particular talent to do it well.

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