Over the past several years, your business has tossed together a website, letterheads, ads, labels, t-shirts, badges, signs and package designs. Today, look at them all together. Ask yourself something. “Do all these designs represent one clear and memorable image or brand? In what way do they resemble each other? Are they all strong and clear and memorable? Do they encourage customers to call you?”

If you can look at any one of these marketing tools and the logo does not stick in your head and tell you exactly what your business is about, and remind you of the last place you saw this brand, then you have a problem that can and should be repaired. Every one of these items is an excellent advertising opportunity, your chance to hook another customer. If your entire branding strategy is weak and isn’t doing its job, then you are missing many opportunities.

AquaJazz can redesign every printed and digital design in your entire business to be an effective advertisement and a strong, coordinated component of brand recognition. Often, when you update your website design, you will need to update your entire branding strategy too.

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