ISBN & Barcode

You need an ISBN Number and Barcode for each book you publish. If you want choices of where to distribute your book, then you should acquire your own ISBN through the Bowker company, just like a professional publisher would. You then use that ISBN everywhere we submit the book for distribution.

If you have several books to publish soon, you should buy a bundle of 10 ISBNs, along with their BarCodes. The ISBN number and the Barcode are two separate items. The ISBN number is to distinguish your book from any other. The Barcode is managing inventory with a digital barcode scanner.

The following is another place affiliated with Bowker where you can buy an ISBN and Barcode.


You do not need a copyright to self-publish a book, and you do not need to publish a book to acquire a copyright. Your book is legally copyright protected the moment you put the following on your manuscript:

Copyright © 2016   Author or Publisher Name

The purpose of applying for a copyright from the Library of Congress (LofC) is to store a dated, public record that proves that you have owned the manuscript since that date. The quickest way to prove ownership in a court of law is with a copyright from the LofC. Without this step, the only proof you will have is the dated digital file on your hard drive, or a hard copy you may have mailed to yourself without breaking the seal. This is a separate procedure from publication that the author will need to conduct.


Book Marketing

Marketing is separate project from Print & Distribution. AquaJazz can design and produce your marketing materials for you, such as a Logo, a Website, a Calling Card, or Posters. You will need a PressKit. We create those too.

The Website

You need a website, and you need to use that website, not just let it sit there. Your website will present the profile of you, as a writer, and a company, with a page devoted to each book you publish including a link to the outlets where your book can be bought and shipped. Your website will also have a Journal where you will answer questions and write short articles about your writing career and your life to share with readers. They want to know you better and want to know where to find you. Really!


Everyone you have ever known is your network. If you can reach them, you must tell them where to buy your book. You can use email, or paper mail, FaceBook, Twitter, or a phone call. Tell everyone you meet. Hand them a calling card with your website address or the title of the book on there. This is your marketing network and the most important marketing resource you have.

Book Stores

When you want a brick and mortar bookstore to carry your book on their shelves, it is a good idea to send them a free copy, along with the information they request in their submission protocol. As long as your book is listed in the Ingram Catalog, or an outlet of their choice, they will eventually review your book. If they like it, they will stock it in their store.

YouTube & Vimeo

The most potent and effective promotion you can do on the Internet is to produce a video and properly publish it on YouTube and Vimeo. The video can be either a creative Book Trailer, or an audio-visual narration of an excerpt of the book. Write a script. If you don’t know how, AquaJazz can do this for you. Embed your video into your website, put a link to your website in your video, tweet about it, post it on your FaceBook wall, email it to your contacts, then you have done everything you can with your video. Be patient for a while. There is a good chance you will benefit from this video promotion. Videos are very effective marketing.

Book Signing Events

Professional Publishers have traditionally encouraged writers to attend book signing events all over the country to promote a new book. Travel is an expensive activity for a writer and self publisher. It is best to begin in your neighborhood. Befriend your local bookstore owners and book clubs. You will be helping yourself and your bookstore by putting on a good face and making readers happy to meet you. The word will get around, and you will be asked to attend other book signings farther away. Then, you know you are succeeding. It will be worth the trip.


If you enjoy talking to groups and you think you could be entertaining or informative, you could offer to give a talk before a local book club. If they like your book, they will pass the word around. Tell your story. Have a sense of humor. Inspire readers to read and you will make progress here.

Crowd Funding

One terrific way to get connected to new fans is to seek Crowd Funding for your book. You offer rewards and a copy of your book in exchange for an investment by members. On Publishizer, the investors are often Publishers interested in contracting your book. If you want to be your own publisher, you can still choose autonomy and self marketing. This builds your network of readers before you even launch. AquaJazz will help you set up your pitch presentation.

Press Release

A press release is a traditional method for announcing the arrival of something new and newsworthy. An effective press release follows a pretty strict traditional template that has been proven over many years, however, new media possibilities have expanded the creative possibilities for press releases using video or sound or images too. It is important that your press release is distributed to the right targets. You may as well use the industry leader to distribute your press release.

There are many more good venues for marketing your book. Hire AquaJazz, and I will show you all of them.


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