A professional website designer is supposed to configure your website for optimal SEO ranking. He/she does this through the words on the page: the headers, the titles, the meta description, and any other market copy writing he/she has control over during the design process. However, this is just a foundation and only a small part of the process of ranking high in a search engine. The bulk of the strength in SEO for a website design is counting on how much written information you can provide to the readers. If you have more pages with better information than your competitors, then you will rise higher in rankings than your competitors. The way you do this is by having a “journal” or an “ezine” or what was originally called a “blog.” The Blog is your SEO power factory.

Blog Articles can be Written for Many Good Reasons Besides SEO.

  1. A collection of informative articles.
  2. A collection of diary entries following a story you are creating.
  3. A collection of personel profiles of people you meet or staff in your business.
  4. A collection of product descriptions, perhaps each with a PayPal button for purchasing.
  5. A collection of articles describing the services you offer.
  6. A collection of profiles of jobs you have completed, such as in your portfolio.
  7. A chronological collection of just about anything you wish.

For this reason, good journalism is a very important skill today that is highly undervalued by website owners and companies in general. The pay for writing blog posts is pitiful and insulting. You can hire a blog post writer for peanuts. There is no reason why your website cannot climb in search rankings. The process is simple and writers need the work. Website designers do not rank your websites high in searches. SEO experts do not do this either. You do this by offering the world lots of information about your field and your products. Be generous. Be industrious. This is your ticket to success.

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