How to Publish an Ebook?

AquaJazz has designed covers and help produce over 50 ebooks. I have published a paperback of my own on Amazon. If you have written a book and you want to see it reach the largest audience possible, and look truly professional, AquaJazz can handle the assignment. You can do all this yourself. However, the first time you go through the procedure will be very time consuming, maybe take you several weeks.  If it doesn’t take that long, then you have probably missed something important. Do you want to write another book, or spent several weeks preparing and publishing your last one? Here is a list of the services I can provide to you for publishing a book. If you want to do all this yourself, this list could be useful to you as a general agenda. But the devil is in the details, which are not listed here.


AquaJazz Ebook Production & Marketing Services

  • Ebook Cover Art or Cover Design
  • Ebook & Print Book Proofreading and Layout Design
  • Ebook EPub, EPdf, & Kindle Conversion
  • Ebook & Print Book Distribution on Amazon
  • Writers’ Website Design & Production
  • Ebook & Website Marketing Strategy & Practices
  • Social Network Media Integration & Strategy
  • Audio Book Narration Sound Engineering
  • Creative & Technical Illustration
  • YouTube Video Production for Book Trailers


Portland Oregon

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