Your website might need a MakeOver if . . .

  • The page is clinging to the upper left corner of the browser.
  • The print is tiny, or too big, or both or all mixed up.
  • The color scheme is kinda dirty, sort of depressing.
  • The background is busy and the print is not readable.
  • There are too many colors, and they are not complimentary.
  • There are too many type style fonts and their ugly.
  • The photography is amateur and uninviting or out of focus.
  • The images are too small and scattered around randomly.
  • The reader has to choose from 30 to 75 different links.
  • It’s hard to decide what to read first.
  • The page is too narrow when it could fill the screen.
  • Each page looks like a new website, not design consistent.
  • There are links that are broken, or lead nowhere, or too old.
  • There is no clear call to action or objective to each page.
  • You have to search for the phone number and it isn’t linked.
  • The website is difficult to navigate on a mobile device..
  • The website does not inspire customers to contact or buy.
  • You are not getting any business from your website.

AquaJazz would like to give your website a MakeOver.

Invitation to a MakeOver


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