Every website design is a different assignment with something original required that sets apart that client from everyone else in services, products, branding, messages, information and other elements. However, most websites also contain the same core list of components in the content and pages and navigation. The arrangement and placement of these components will also vary, but you should usually find all these components somewhere on the website.

Page | Home

  • The Logo
  • The Name of the Company or Organization
  • The Core Message to Visitors
  • Less than a Handful of Calls to Action for Visitors

Page | About

  • The Story of the Company and its Objective
  • Perhaps Profiles of the Company Staff when Appropriate
  • Purchase and Pricing Policies and Disclaimers
  • Testimonials

Page | Contact

  • A Mail Form with which to Write to the Company
  • The Telephone Number which must be Hot Linked to Dial
  • The Geographical Mailing and Office Address of the Company
  • Directions to that Location on Gmap or MapQuest

Today’s current fashion includes lot of high quality, large format photography and graphics throughout the website. Without graphics, you will look like a pure information website, company with marketable products and services.

The final ingredient in a smart website design is the Blog. You can call it a Journal, or “News” or any particular topical title that suits your cause, but blog post articles are the primary tools for improving your search ranking and spreading the word that you are a well informed, open minded company, creating a relationship with members, fans, customers and visitors.

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