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Church of the Master Angels

Lovell Designs Fine Jewelry

One of the best jewelers in Maine for 50 years wanted to represent his line with grace and style. We worked well as a team.

Church of the Master Angels

Ullikana Cottage

Website Design for a Boutique Bed & Breakfast
Stylish, connected to a booking system, device responsive.

Website Design Portland Oregon


Classic Boat Shop Pisces 21 Daysailer

Website Design for Marina and Boat Builder

I love sailboats. I was excited to build a website for a marina in Maine. This was also designed to be easy for the owner to manage without my help. She was eager and able to learn well. It has a gallery of boats for sale and rent too.

Website Design Portland Oregon

Belfast Bay Inn ~ Boutique Hotel

Website Design for Boutique Hotel

AquaJazz rendered floor plans for this hotel when it began. We built all their websites for that past 7 years, and designed most of their printed advertising. We managed their online marketing including Google web tools and social networking. They have the highest ratings on TripAdvisor of any boutique hotel on the east coast of the USA.

Website Design for Yoga Studio

Inner Stream Yoga

Website Design for Iyengar Yoga Studio

I am particularly proud of this website for the comfort it brings to the eyes and the spirit, which is appropriate for such a beneficial service as Yoga. I should add that Cindy Berliner is one of the most talented and  professional Yoga teachers in Maine.

Website Design for Psychotherapist

Linda Sadoff Psychotherapist

Website Design for Professional Psychotherapist

Linda wanted to be proud of her professional services helping people. We built her a simple, clear and comforting website that carefully defines her services and talents. (Currently still a work in progress.)

Website Design for Marketing Writing & Design Company

Narrative Marcom

Website Design for Marketing Writing & Design Company

The client is two professional women, partners in designing packaging and container graphics, brochures, and a variety of branding services. They want ultra simplicity in their presentation, and they were clear about their content and script. A delightful project.

Architectural Designer



Menopause Guide Podcast Website

RhondaNP is a startup business based in North Dakota. AquaJazz helped structure their business by shaping their online approached with a better website design.

Maine Country Coast Real Estate

Maine Country Coast Real Estate

Website Design for Real Estate Agency

A Real Estate office in Belfast Maine needs a more responsive, modern website with an attractive and useful IDX property search and display system.

Website Design Portland Oregon

Essay Art

Website Design for Essay Writing Trainer

Writing is fun, when you let it happen. Creativity begins with thoughts that we could be writing down. These are the types of messages that can be felt with a good word collage on the home page.

Website Design for Interview Writer & Journalist

Profiles Maine

Website Design for Professional Writer / Journalist

A prolific and talented interviewer and writer would like to collect some of her work on a professional website to display her credentials and share with friends and clients. It is a simple design, with the feeling of a periodical.

Website Design for Interview Writer & Journalist

Seawall Motel

Website Design for Motel on the Coast of Southwest Harbor, Acadia National Park in Maine.

Belfast Maine Real Estate

Belfast Maine Real Estate

Website Design for Real Estate Brokers in Maine

This real estate broker is a very proud citizen of Belfast Maine. He wanted his website to be state of the art, while portraying the true spirit of Belfast.

Website Design for Preparatory School

Maine Prep

Website Design for SAT / ACT Test Preparatory School

Newsletter System, Class Descriptions, Class Schedule Chart, Class Reservation & Purchase System

Architectural Designer



Architectural Designer / Planner / Builder Portfolio

PencilJazz designs homes, They can also build them for you. They specialize in designing houses that are energy efficient to the point of going right off the grid into the land of the sun and freedom from fossil fuels.

Church of the Master Angels

Church of the Master Angels

Website Design for a Church & Foundation

We built an informative website for a phenomenal faith healer who gives world tours and sells merchandise which included an E-commerce system for purchasing various categories of event tickets and merchandise that included downloads and physical products.

Website Design for Business Consultant


Laurie Allan Associates

Website Design for Business Consultant

A corporate level, business management consulting team needed a website design that fully portrayed the scope of their achievements and abilities.

Website Design for Boutique Hotel

Seacoast Tai Chi Chuan

Website Virtual Video Lessons

We designed a website for teaching this divine healing art of self defense called Tai Chi Chuan. This website is designed to grow in lessons and information, ultimate spreading the art of Tai Chi Chuan around the world. We are also selling membership merchandise and tools to practice Tai Chi.

Maine Country Coast Real Estate

Greater Boston PFLAG

Website Design Non-Profit Organization for Transgenders

I rebuilt their website from the bottom up to resemble the previous design, cleaning up a disorganized initial installation, providing much better tools for editing and marketing in the back end.

Website Design for Boutique Hotel

Logo Design

At least half the time, client company logos are not web-ready, and need to be redesigned to become contemporary and versatile in a variety of sizes and formats and must include the company colors and represent their product.

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