What are the dangers to your website in 2015?

Here is what can happen. Robotic password finders attempt to log into your website by pounding on it until they decode your password. Malicious code can be injected into a plugin or page that redirects users to other websites like pornography. You might not even know that you clicked a link in an email that put a trojan virus on your computer that has stolen all your passwords and personal information, then they break into your accounts and do damage. This last one is very bad and would require extensive repair that I can’t even get into right now. Don’t click on links from strange emails without consulting the source first. The other two can be prevented most of the time by proper website assembly. This is why you need to hire a professional website designer.

AquaJazz equips websites with protection from hackers,

Security monitor and firewall plugins can protect you from most¬†invasions, or at the very least, alert you when they happen and provide a fairly quick clean up solution. You need a good password, and you need to change it to a new one at least every few months or even more often. If you have the kind of website that might be a frequent target, we have to install very high security plugins and set them to maximum protection. This sometimes involves a fee to the plugin developer. Some of the free plugins are enough for most websites, and these plugins are quite sophisticated and only available to websites built with a CMS like WordPress. If you have a hand coded website, it probably won’t pass the test on a tablet or smart phone, but worse, it is probably going to be very vulnerable to hackers.

If you are invaded, and the damage is extensive

The best repair strategy is to revert to a version or copy of the website that existed before the hack. You can only do this if you have been backing up the website regularly. This can be an automatic task scheduled and executed at the hosting panel, or facilitated with a plugin that sends you copies that you save on your computer. Now you know, but keeping track and making it happen is what your website designer should do for you. 



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