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Self Publishing Strategy in 2016

You might be surprised to learn that Amazon is not the only way that an indie author can distribute a book to the world. There are several options, and several distributors, each with its own set of complications and advantages. I spent months gathering all the...

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Marketing Your Self-Published Book

  Information ISBN & Barcode You need an ISBN Number and Barcode for each book you publish. If you want choices of where to distribute your book, then you should acquire your own ISBN through the Bowker company, just like a professional publisher would. You...

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Simplicity in Web Site Design

Tell me, if you saw this image as a home page for a website, how compelled are you to press something. Maybe you aren't, but I bet millions of people would. It raises a question, answers a question, and stimulates curiosity. What more could you ask of a home page?...

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