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Simplicity in Web Site Design

Tell me, if you saw this image as a home page for a website, how compelled are you to press something. Maybe you aren't, but I bet millions of people would. It raises a question, answers a question, and stimulates curiosity. What more could you ask of a home page?...

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Basic Website Design Components

Every website design is a different assignment with something original required that sets apart that client from everyone else in services, products, branding, messages, information and other elements. However, most websites also contain the same core list of...

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Definition of SEO SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization." It is a buzz phrase for the process involved in making a website easy to find for search engines and making the website rise in ranking in the search results when someone types a particular phrase into the...

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Ad Blockers, The New Paradigm

I make a living using my computer. When I go to a website and an advertisement pops up, or two, or three, I don't have time to look at them. I don't get paid to read ads. I have work to do. I  have to shoot them down like skeet, then get back to work. So....I use an...

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Marketing with Social Networks

Of course, your website design is the most important feature of your marketing plan. Your website is the intended destination for all your customers, and it is where they decide whether nor not to buy from you. What is the second most important marketing venue. What...

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