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Critique My Old Website

Your website might need a MakeOver if . . . The page is clinging to the upper left corner of the browser. The print is tiny, or too big, or both or all mixed up. The color scheme is kinda dirty, sort of depressing. The background is busy and the print is not readable....

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Website Marketing With Video

The effectiveness of a website design depends heavily upon the application of attractive content. Words and colorful graphics are a fundamental necessity, but video is a powerful marketing tool too. It animates a website with a sense of life and action. Google does...

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Upgrade Your Branding

Over the past several years, your business has tossed together a website, letterheads, ads, labels, t-shirts, badges, signs and package designs. Today, look at them all together. Ask yourself something. "Do all these designs represent one clear and memorable image or...

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Ebook Publishing Consulting Services

How to Publish an Ebook?AquaJazz has designed covers and help produce over 50 ebooks. I have published a paperback of my own on Amazon. If you have written a book and you want to see it reach the largest audience possible, and look truly professional, AquaJazz can...

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Using PayPal for Selling Online

There are three (3) basic approaches that are strong possibilities. 1. Independent Shopping Cart System 2. Blog Based Product Listings with a Cart and a PayPal Button 3. Page or Post Based Product Listings leading to the PayPal Shopping Cart Independent Shopping Cart...

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