Video, Audio, Multimedia

Multimedia Trailers & Video Advertising

Video for AudioBook Production

Local Television Advertisement

Video for House Design

Trailer | Book 45

Scripting, Audio Narration, Music Production

Narration for Audio Books, Audio Interviews, Video Interviews, Soundtracks for Videos, Field Recordings, Songwriting, Jingle Composition, Mixing & Mastering of Recordings. I am equipped and experienced.

Kalita | 12 Piece Jazz Arrangement with 3 Part Vocals Composed & Produced by AquaJazz

UX Design

AquaJazz can help you design and produce interface for learning tools and small games.

American Multiplier




A creative experiment in the art of building musical instruments using Adobe Flash. Touch the bars to hear the music. Play them to harmonize your own little symphonic improvisation.

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